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A novice level DIY Solder kit that includes 3 different holiday ornaments with multicolor cyclying RGB lights!

Each kit comes with easy-to-follow pictorial instructions and a 'how to solder and desolder' guide.


  • Includes 3 different ornaments - Snowflake, Tree, & Bell!
  • Level of difficulty - Novice
  • Includes multicolor cycling RGBs
  • ON/OFF Switch
  • Powered by CR1220 coin battery (not included)





Bell Kit Contents

Component Name Value Qty Designator Important Info
LED 5mm Multicolor Cycling RGB (slow) 6 LED1 ... LED6 Watch for polarity. Long leg is positive (+)
Resistors 1K 6 R1 ... R6 No Polarity
ON/OFF Switch 4 x 8mm 1 SW2 No polarity
Coin Battery Clip CR1220 1 P1 Match the ‘notch’ on the silkscreen to the notch on the IC
PCB 70 x 54mm 1    


Stock Code Product Name
DIY-200 Ornaments DIY Solder Kit