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Easily connect Servo motors, Sensors, and Bluetooth/RF modules to your Arduino or Arduino Compatible board. This Sensor Shield provides breakout connectors for standard Servo Motors and various 3-pin Sensors. A 5v DC screw terminal enables you to drive power hungry servo motors with an additional 5v DC power supply. Standard Arduino Shield form factor fits perfectly on top of the Arduino UNO and Mega. Pin Outs: For detailed Pin Outs, visit OSEPP.COM to download schematic.


Features and Specifications:

  • Servo Breakout Connectors (6 with PWM)
  • Sensor Breakout Connectors (5 Analog, up to 14 Digital)
  • 6-pin Bluetooth Module Connector
  • 6-pin APC220 RF Module Connector



Sensor Shield Schematic
Sensor Shield Sample Code


Stock Code Product Name
SENSHD-01 Sensor Shield