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Learn the basics of using sensors to create smart sensing objects!




  • OSEPP Sensor Shield
  • 3-Pin Jumper Wires
  • mini USB Cable
  • 9 Volt Battery Adaptor
  • Female to Female Jumper Cables
  • 4-Digit Touch Sensor Module
  • Fan Motor Module
  • Flame Sensor Module
  • LED Modules
  • Light Sensor Module
  • Temperature Sensor Module
  • Passive Infrared Sensor Module
  • Piezo Sensor Module
  • Potentiometer Sensor Module
  • Push Button Module
  • Reed Switch Sensor Module
  • Voltage Sensor Module
  • Ultrasonic Sensor Module



Lessons included:

Lesson 1 – LEDs and Buttons : learn how to control LEDs with push Buttons
Lesson 2 – Musical Buzzer: Learn how to make a musical buzzer with your own musical notes.
Lesson 3 – Potentiometer: control the pitch of the musical buzzer and adjust the brightness of an led.
Lesson 4 – Fan Motor: adjust the direction and speed of a motor with a potentiometer knob and button.
Lesson 5 – Ping Sensor: change direction of a motor when you are within proximity of the motor using the ping sensor.
Lesson 6 – Reed Switch: turn an LED on and off based on the state of a reed switch.
Lesson 7 – PIR sensor: construct a smart motion sensing system that turns on an led based on movement.
Lesson 8 – Flame Sensor: create a smoke / fire alarm with the flame sensor.
Lesson 9 – Temperature Sensor: measure the temperature around you with the temperature sensor.
Lesson 10 -Light Sensor: detect the light surrounding you with the light sensor.
Lesson 11 -Sound Sensor: adjust the brightness of an led based on the ambient nose around you with the sound sensor.
Lesson 13 – 4-digit touch sensor: create a security access keypad with the 4 digit touch sensor.
Lesson 14 – Environmental Monitor: create an environmentally aware system with the sensors you have previously used
Lesson 15 – Security System : create a smart security system with sensors previously used.


Stock Code Product Name
SENS-01 OSEPP 101 Sensor Kit


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